Thoughts on Governor Walker leaving the GOP Race for President

As many of you know, I supported Gov Scott Walker as the GOP nominee for President. I felt and still do feel, that Gov Walker was the most qualified candidate of the bunch, especially in his understanding of the Economy and standing up for average Americans against Big Union – Big Government types. Governor Walker had specific plans for a variety of the issues our Nation faces. He developed an alternative, free-market plan to replace the oppressive ObamaCare. He had a plan to return government power back to where it rightly belonged, to the States and ultimately, the people. He supported and defended the Constitution. He understood the real threat posed to our Nation by the murderous bunch known as ISIS and other muslim extremists organizations. And he would have stood up to that threat! Governor Walker actually had a Day One Plan which laid out all he would accomplish.

Governor Walker stood up to union thugs and bullies in his home state of Wisconsin and managed to work to get legislation passed and signed to make Wisconsin a Right to Work State. He also worked to pass and sign legislation to defund the evil Planned Parenthood, years before it became today’s battle cry. He turned the State of Wisconsin around; one that was on the edge of complete collapse to a prosperous state, where property taxes were lower than they had been in decades. Governor Walker had a love of Country that few possessed and in his career, thought rarely of himself. He was a devout man who sought the advise and counsel of our Lord and Savior before making crucial decisions.

Why don’t many people know this? Governor Scott Walker was the best kept secret in our Country. The Governor did not brag of his accomplishments, he just quietly set to work. Unfortunately, the celebrity and reality tv obsessed media chose instead to focus their energy, resources and broadcast time playing up a narcissistic, blowhard reality tv star playing as a presidential candidate instead of focusing on real issues and people who could solve them. Ultimately, Governor Walker, along with Governor Rick Perry were sacrificed on the altar of celebrity and applause lines, on shallowness over substance; where candidates who sound good, who bring out the worst in people are praised, while candidates with the best ideas and love of country are tossed aside like yesterday’s trash.

Governor Walker did the honorable and noble thing yesterday and in the process gave people something to think about. He implored people to examine the remaining candidates and assess where we as a nation want to go. This election is not a game; we are not voting someone off the Island or out of some stupid house. This is the FUTURE OF OUR NATION!! We cannot continue to treat our elections or our Nation like it’s a contest. There is an emptiness in our country I have never felt or seen before. People are more impressed with fluff, with anger, than with real solutions and the people most qualified to provide those solutions. I’m not even sure our Nation is salvageable at this point.

Our Nation became a little less yesterday when Governor Walker left the race. A man of honor, integrity, a defender of our founding principles and a fighter, with a love of Country few have. He will return to Wisconsin to serve the good people of that state as its elected Governor. And as a nation, we have lost an opportunity to have a GREAT President Scott Walker.

Thoughts on Governor Walker leaving the GOP Race for President

More Apopka Trust Fund Drama Surfaces

In my Letter to the Editor, published in Friday’s edition of The Apopka Chief, I asked why the Apopka taxpayer, represented by our City Commissioners, cannot approach Lobbyist/Consultant Richard Anderson without an appointment, a royal scepter, and Glen Irby sitting in. At $23,000.00 per month, I would submit that Mr. Anderson MUST be held more accessible and accountable to the Citizens of Apopka. Unfortunately, the Mayor and Commissioners Ruth and Velazquez disagreed and voted against a motion made by Commissioner Dean and seconded by Commissioner Arrowsmith to amend Mr. Anderson’s agreement. Mind you, the original agreement was presented about a year ago by Mayor Kilsheimer to the City, late into a very long evening Commission meeting, at which no discussion or public hearing was allowed due to the “lateness of the hour”. Commissioners were simply told to vote on the agreement.

This same Richard Anderson is listed as President of the John Land Apopka Community Trust fund, which was voted $200,000.00 taxpayer money to fund this Trust fund, at a very emotional City Commission meeting in April 2014. As of this date, aside from expenses for Apopka High School championship rings and jackets for players, coaches and their wives, the Citizens have heard NOTHING further about what is happening with their money. Required paperwork filed with the State of Florida reveals little beyond what is absolutely required. There appears to be ZERO accountability or transparency here.

Getting back to the September 2 Commission meeting, during the Mayor’s Report section of the Agenda, Mayor Kilsheimer reported his desire to spend approximately $80,000.00 to purchase and install a pair of bronze statues to honor former Mayor John Land. The article further stated that an additional $20,000 for pedestals and other items would come from the John Land Apopka Community Trust Fund. The minutes from this meeting reveal that Mr. Anderson would propose the Trust put forth money for this expenditure. However, that little tidbit did not stop Dave Rankin, Secretary of the Trust Fund, from blasting Mayor Kilsheimer into the next commission meeting for daring to suggest the building of statues. The Secretary of the trust fund does not know what its President is doing? It appears that the left hand and right hand of the Trust Fund are not working together. The problems with the JLACTF, detailed in earlier posts, include, but not limited to: ACCOUNTABILITY to the Apopka Taxpayer for what is happening with the seed money so generously granted the Trust Fund; the fact that guidelines for applications for this money are non-existent; Board meetings are not recorded or listed, nor are minutes available to the public for these meetings. A conversation with one of the Board members revealed this person was not even sure who else was ON the Board. WOW!!

Before anyone from the Board of Trustees of the JLACTF goes off on another wild rant, they perhaps should LOOK IN MIRROR FIRST! Don’t go crying foul now, when the Board has refused for months to answer even basic questions about the Fund. Transparency, Accountability works BOTH ways when it comes to taxpayer funded donations to a Trust Fund we know VERY LITTLE about. If you don’t want to be hounded about the legitimacy of the Trust found, then start answering questions. Otherwise, save your self-righteous indignation for another day.

More Apopka Trust Fund Drama Surfaces

Budget and Millage rate tentatively approved by Apopka City Commission

Observations and notes from the Apopka City Commission special meeting to approve the millage rate and the tentative 2015-2016 annual budget.

The City’s budget has increased over $20,000,000 this fiscal year over last fiscal year.  This year’s budget came in at over $89,600,000. Thanks to a $1,500,000 windfall of sorts, and a clerical error made when preparing the taxpayer notification form (3.5876 was put on the form instead of the planned 3.78 rate), we seem to have money to burn and will indeed burn it. Adding personnel and $885,479 for “community outreach”. And yes, Annie Cunningham will get her long-awaited splash pad. I’m still puzzled as to why we are paying $23,000/month to a lobbyist/ consultant who refuses to deal with anyone in the City expect the Mayor and an unelected CAO. What is this guy doing to earn that hefty paycheck? What was that about transparency, Mr. Mayor? Guess King Richard answers to no one, even at $23,000/month.

The highlight of the evening?? Citizen Suzanne Kidd stood before the City Commission and actually asked the Commissioners to RAISE the millage rate from the proposed 3.2876 to 3.5876, you know, in case of emergencies and such. WOW! I thought I’d heard it all but a citizen actually asking for a tax increase?? I thought I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. If Ms Kidd wants to pay more in taxes, I am sure there are people would be happy to hand her their tax bills.

Biggest disappointment: Only a handful of citizens were at this meeting. I know all this budget stuff is wonkish and no fun. But THIS IS how our money will be spent for the next year. Granted this meeting was for tentative approval only, the final approval meeting is in 2 weeks, Wed September 23, at 7:00 pm. I urge citizens to log on to to check out the budget information and think about these things in the next 2 weeks. And get to the meeting on the 23rd. Ask questions now before it’s too late.

Lots going on in this town.. let’s pay attention and speak up!!

Budget and Millage rate tentatively approved by Apopka City Commission