Apopka Community Trust Fund Opens Up to Citizens

As many of you know, I have been following the trail of the John Land Apopka Communty Trust Fund, since the formation of the Trust fund was announced during an emotional meeting of the Apopka City Commission in April of 2014. During that meeting, which was Mayor Land’s last meeting, a motion was made and unanimously approved that the Trust Fund would be given $200,000.00 from the City’s general fund as a boost or seed money for the Trust Fund. Aside from that announcement, not much else was made public about the Trust Fund. In fact, it was only during some extensive on-line research I was able to see the original Articles of Incorporation and who was actually on the Board of Directors, and where our tax money was located. We knew that a donation by the Trust fund was made earlier this year to purchase championship rings and jackets for the Apopka High School Football team. Beyond that, we still did not know much. I wondered aloud with several blog postings what exactly was going on. Why all the secrecy? And most importantly, what exactly became of the $200,000.00 worth of taxpayer money that went to the fund.

Well, during an informal Ice Cream Social last Thursday (11/5), hosted by the Trust fund, a few questions were answered. Attendees were introduced to the latest Board of Directors, and announcements about some of the Trust Fund’s activities, including the contribution of approximately $20,000.00 towards two bronze sculptures of Mayor John Land that have been commissioned by the City of Apopka. A website was also built by the trust fund; http://www.apopkacommunitytrust.com. This site looks informative and interesting and may prove to be a conduit of information regarding future Trust Fund activities and personnel. Tabs include information about applying for funds, public documents downloads, an extensive biography of Mayor Land and a contact page.

Granted, a website is only as good as the people updating it. There is a promise of a section of the site for Board meeting agendas and minutes of those meetings. The site presents an unspoken promise of transparency and openness about the fund, and that is all I’ve been asking for these last months. I plan to review the site on a regular basis for updates and information, and you should to. Don’t suffer from a lack of curiosity – there is still a lot of that $200,000.00 tax money in the fund. Let’s make sure the Board of Directors of the John Land Apopka Community Trust fund live up to the fund’s namesake’s ideals, honor and integrity.  The social and the website seem to be a positive first-step in the right direction!

Apopka Community Trust Fund Opens Up to Citizens

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