Nolan challenges for Apopka Commission Seat 3

As election season for Apopka City Commission approaches, people are starting to signal their intentions by picking up election packets. Sam Ruth, Apopka City Commissioner, Seat 3, declared a few months ago that he would seek re-election. Several weeks ago, a young woman named Alice Nolan, also announced she would be seeking election to Seat 3. Wanting to find out more about Alice, I recently sat down with her to learn a bit more.

Alice is a 6th generation Apopkan, her family being part of the Miner family. Her grandfather was a founding member of the Apopka Historical Society and many of the artifacts in the Museum come from the Miner family and neighbors who passed along part of the City’s history.  She has a keen interest in Apopka and that interest and love for the City is what inspired her to run for City Commission. Currently a stay-at-home mom to three children and very active in their lives and in the community, Alice said she is at a place where she will be able to put time into the job of City Commissioner. She said she loves to learn and has conducted thorough research on many of the issues facing Apopka today.

Alice talked about some of the issues facing Apopka today, including transparency and communication between government and its citizens. She said even though strides have been made to put as much as possible up on the City website, often there is just not enough time to review everything before Commission meetings. Another issue is that of the Town Center. She said it seems we have been talking about a Town Center for years, and still have nothing to show for all the talk. Alice also said she has undertaken a line by line review of the City Budget. She expressed concerns over how the budget has grown over the years. Alice also said she’s heard concerns from citizens and would actively seek out family friendly opportunities and businesses.

When we discussed what she thought she could bring to the City Commission, Alice stressed that she would be a voice for the people, not  part of a voting block of the Commission, never losing site that the Seat belongs to the people of Apopka, NOT the Commissioner sitting in it. She talked about her love of researching issues and that, as a stay-at-home mom, she would be able to devote more time and energy to being Commissioner, and offer more availability to the citizens of Apopka. Alice brings a fresh perspective to problems facing our city, and it’s encouraging to see such passion for City government coming from the younger generation.

The Filing period for the Apopka City Commission, Seats 3 and 4 begins December 14 and runs through December 21, with the City Election on Tuesday March 15, 2016, to coincide with the Presidential preference primary. In the race for Seat 4, Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith has announced plans to seek re-election. He faces one announced challenger, Kyle Becker.


Nolan challenges for Apopka Commission Seat 3