City of Apopka Faces Continuing Challenges

Who else cannot believe that we are in Day One of 2016.  The City of Apopka has faced some tough challenges in 2015, including implementing a new invocation policy; all indications are that 2016 will be just as, if not more, challenging. Apopka will be electing two of it’s 4 City Commissioners in March; each incumbent faces two challengers. Is there another changing of the guard in store?

The City just completed a $125,000.00 visioning process, which you would think, for the price, would have included at least preliminary implementation of the plan.  It didn’t, and now the City is advertising for yet another firm to implement this Vision, in three areas of our City: Kelly Park area, the new hospital area and the Downtown Center. Wonder how much THIS study will cost taxpayers?

The John Land Apopka Community Trust Fund finished the year with some promise, going public during an ice cream social in early November. They also announced a website, introduced their Board members, featured plans to help fund two John Land statues that will be crafted in 2016. Since the website went live, I’ve checked it about once or twice a week and have not seen any updates. A website is only as good as the people updating it.

And we also seem to have opportunities for some good paying manufacturing jobs come to our City. But apparently, some have a “not in my back yard” mentality about these jobs. I wonder if the people complaining have done any real research on the company looking to locate to the South Apopka area. They complain about fast food jobs, they complain about retail, and now they complain about these manufacturing jobs. What kind of jobs DO these people want?

Fear not, intrepid readers… I will make it my mission this year to investigate, report and write on these issues and more in the coming year. Remember, there are no sacred cows as far as I am concerned. I will pull no punches and will, as politely as I can take no prisoners. Keeping Apopkans informed, as much as I can, will be my focus.. Come along with me, for a wild ride through 2016 in Apopka, if you dare.



City of Apopka Faces Continuing Challenges

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