Experience Counts in Apopka Seat 4 Race

The City of Apopka is at the precipice of a growth spurt, the likes of which we have not seen in decades. On one end of town, we have the Wekiva Parkway area; another boasts the building of the new and exciting Florida Hospital and the opportunities and challenges presented there. And, after more than a decade, we are seeing the most serious movement towards making the Apopka Town Center a reality. Also, our population and housing continues to grow as young families, professionals and other population segments desire to call Apopka home. The need for experience and steadiness in our City leaders has never been greater. For Apopka City Commission, Seat 4, that experience and steadiness will come from Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith. Commissioner Arrowsmith has always presented that steadying influence and the voice of reason in his 39 years in the Seat. Yes, 39 years. And while many cry for term limits and new blood to lead our City, Commissioner Arrowsmith has always been available to his constituents to answer questions, provide guidance and be the checks and balances as the fiscal needs of our City continue to grow. Never mind old and new Apopka, we are ONE City, we are all residents of Apopka Florida, and as we continue to move and grow, experience will guide us through the rocky patches and the clamoring voices. That experience is Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith.

Experience Counts in Apopka Seat 4 Race

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