Busy Week in Apopka could determine it’s future

Apopka Florida has been very busy this week. Partaking in both the Florida Presidential Preference Primary, running concurrently with our local City Commission elections produced a close to 40% voter turnout in our fair city. THAT is amazing. Through no fault of our own, Apopka made National news on Election Day when several polling places in our city RAN OUT OF BALLOTS, that’s right, people were turned away from their right to vote, because the Orange County Supervisor of Elections office did not provide enough ballots to the polling places. Some ran out as early as 9:30 in the morning; keep in mind polls opened at 7:00 am. The results of the local elections is that both commission seats went to run-off election, which will be held on Tuesday April 12th, ONLY at the Apopka VFW Center on Central Avenue. Also, to clarify, early voting takes place ONLY at the Supervisor of Elections Office Downtown, yes at the same office that ran out of ballots.

Then on Wednesday, March 16, two items on the Apopka City Council meeting agenda were postponed. The City was to vote on a resolution approving the City’s all encompassing, extremely expensive wish list. The vote was postponed to give citizens more time to review and comment and correct the document (whatever that means), although one hint may be to evaluate “what needs to be changed to the compensation plan”. WHOSE compensation plan? The City also agreed to allow the developer of the City Center two more 30 day extensions, thus postponing  a special meeting to discuss and approve the plan that was to have taken place on Thursday the 24th. I have to ask, is the developer in default of their own contract, which called for only 2 30 day extensions, not 4 extensions?  Can the contract be amended only by a voice vote of the City Council? How complex are these plans, and how many zeros will be added to the final contract because of these delays?

And the City is also looking to put up a Splash Pad!! Woo Hoo!! But Where?? At Kit Land Nelson Park? at the Northwest Rec Complex? At Alonzo William Park? Near the Cooper Sports Complex? Or maybe near the new City Center that is already experiencing delays and may not be built till the 12th of Never.. who knows? An excellent issue was also raised, what about the City’s infrastructure, which will have to support all these changes? Should we not work the infrastructure FIRST?

This is just a general overview of this week in Apopka Florida. I intend (and this is not a threat) to analyze each of the above in detail, how these issues will impact Apopka, what’s at stake, how much will this cost taxpayers. The City Election coming up on April 12th will be important and will determine the future of our great City. Do we want to grow rapidly and blindly, or do we want to carefully analyze all the data and studies that are being thrown at us and then make decisions based on what the City can financially and rationally support. So, I guess for now, wrapping this up and bringing this home, Apopka Citizens, PLEASE pay attention; READ, STUDY the issues, talk to the four remaining candidates (Sam Ruth and Doug Bankson, Seat 3) (Bill Arrowsmith and Kyle Becker, Seat 4) to get their take on what is important to you, how can we pay for all this, etc. Then and I mean this, Mark your calendars NOW for Tuesday April 12th, to go VOTE! The City keeps asking for your input on everything! Your most Important input is your VOTE!!!

Busy Week in Apopka could determine it’s future

2 thoughts on “Busy Week in Apopka could determine it’s future

  1. Mike Heaton says:

    If the city builds a Splash Pad. I think it should be in the Kit Land Park area for many of the citizens to enjoy in the central part of the city. I also never understood why the the entire Town Center idea was not put in the Kit Land Park are also. You have the park, Edwards Field, The Fran Carlton Center, the trail head for the bikers, a multi million dollar bridge over 441 in case you want to have events or parking on the south side of 441, The Catfish Place right there to walk to, McDonalds right there to get the kids a Happy Meal, and most of all, you have a road with 5 lanes for access to the area that you can actually get to and we don’t have to wait for the DOT to reconfigure a Federal and a State Highway. The existing hospital building is a couple of blocks away and could possibly be utilized for the town center in some manner also. Other properties in that whole area may be procured with some of the zillions of dollars that they plan to spend in the area where you can’t get there from here!! Just put some pretty lit up fountains in the pond in front of Highland Manor and some sort of boardwalk around part of it and have it be a beautiful looking entry into Apopka from 441 and 436 and a nice photo op location.


    1. If you think back to 2010, The original plan for the town center was to be more centrally located downtown. And the Hospital was to be one of the focal points. Times change and now we have this grand plan that may never actually get off the ground. As for the splashpad, it should be more centrally located, but you need to look at existing infrastructure (soil, water pipes, etc) that would have to support the splashpad. I actually thought yesterday when I was writing this that near the Cooper Sportsplex might not be a bad idea either. I read that visioning plan and realized how heavy-handed it is.. The CITY will do all these things.. Government should facilitate the proper business environment, not build everything themselves.. We should talk more.


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