Apopka Voters Must Choose Wisely

As reported yesterday, The City of Apopka voted last week in the elections for Apopka City Commission, Seats 3 and 4. First a word of acknowledgement and thanks to the two candidates who did not make it to the run-off election.

Alice Nolan is a delight to speak with and a delight to watch as she campaigned throughout our City. Her enthusiasm and love for our City came through during every Candidate Forum, and while speaking with her one on one. I truly believe she will be one of Apopka’s future leaders, probably much sooner than later. Young Kim also showed a love for Apopka during his campaign appearances. Our City is blessed to have both these people living in our community.

That leaves us with four very capable gentlemen in the race for Apopka City Commission. The Seat 3 race was very difficult for me as that race featured 3 very strong candidates, all demonstrating a knowledge of the issues and a Love for Apopka most will never achieve. In the end, and moving forward, I believe Doug Bankson to be the best choice for our City, as we approach a crossroads in our town. Mr Bankson has presented a definite, concrete plan for each of the issues we face, including our City Center and the Visioning process. We need steady, we need thoughtfulness, and Mr. Bankson is both of those.

As for the Seat 4 race, the decision was much easier. As anyone who has read my blogs these last couple of years knows, I have not always been a big fan of Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith. I have, however, during these last couple of years, observed Mr. Arrowsmith as a steadying influence in our town, willing to ask the tough questions, a calm voice of reason and always with a watchful eye towards our taxpaying public. As a lifelong resident of Apopka, his love for this town and it’s people shines through.

Our City seems to be running headlong into an ocean of changes, with our citizens wanting BIG changes: splash pads, a skate park, a City Center that is second to none, and we want it all RIGHT NOW! The cost of all these “I want” projects will be staggering. None of these plans can possibly happen without serious analysis, thought and careful budgeting. If we are not meticulous in our planning, if we are emotional and reactionary, the costs will sink our City, and I believe no one wants that.

I’m just one person with a blog. I strongly encourage each Apopka resident to do their own homework, decide which issues are important and determine each candidate’s stand on those issue. Then make your decision heard via your vote on Tuesday April 12th. I’ve done a lot of research and a lot praying and I will support Doug Bankson for Seat 3 Apopka City Commission, and Bill Arrowsmith for Seat 4 Apopka City Commission.

Apopka Voters Must Choose Wisely

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