Richard Anderson’s latest role: Person of Interest

Retired City of Apopka Fire Chief with a NICE tax-payer funded pension. Retired City of Apopka CAO with a SECOND VERY nice tax-payer funded pension.Consultant/Lobbyist for the City of Apopka, who until recently fulfilled only half of that job description, yet collected ALL of the taxpayer funded $22,000/month salary for doing what? Since Apopka’s Mayor refuses to demand accountability for this expenditure, we don’t really know what he does to earn this ridiculous salary. City Manager for the City of Belle Isle FL, not sure of the salary but I’m sure it’s not peanuts. In short, public trough feeder extraordinaire. Mr Anderson is also listed as President of the John Land Apopka Community Trust Fund. Where DOES he find the time for all this?

And now, Richard Anderson’s latest role: person of interest in head-on hit and run crash. A truck registered to Richard Anderson was driving the wrong way on a two-lane highway and crashed head-on to a gentleman’s vehicle. The accident was bad, leaving the 2nd driver with serious and permanent injuries and heading to a hospital, via chopper. Witnesses who came on the scene gave the police a general overall description that matched Mr. Anderson. They said he was talking on a cell phone and then just walked away, didn’t check on the other driver, nothing. Even left his truck there. And still not being held accountable, thinking he’s too good to talk to police, the press or the public. Weasels like Anderson typically walk between the raindrops, always finding people willing or indebted to help them connive, figure and buy their way out of trouble. I hope not this time.

In a perfect world, here’s what should happen to Mr. Anderson: his luck should run out. For starters, a criminal investigation, followed by a civil one into this accident.  He should at the very least be suspended from his City of Belle Isle job. The City of Apopka should immediately terminate the lucrative consulting contract with Mr. Anderson. And the Board of Directors of the Apopka Trust fund should immediately terminate Mr Anderson’s relationship with the Fund. In February, after news came out that Mr. Anderson was not in fact a registered lobbyist, I called for his contract to be terminated, for him to return the money paid to him by the City up to that point, paid under false pretenses, and I called for an ethics investigation at the Apopka City Commission Meeting. NONE of this has happened up to this point.

And lastly, I call upon Richard Anderson to stop hiding behind lawyers and people who probably owe him, man up and admit his role in this accident. Tell us what happened and accept any consequences of your actions. Understandably, no one wants their lucrative gravy train to come to an end. But enough is enough, Mr. Anderson, even for you.

Richard Anderson’s latest role: Person of Interest

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