What to really make of Donald Trump

As a conservative Republican, my support of Donald Trump has been tepid, at best. Throughout last year’s primary season, as I watched Hurricane Donald viciously and brutally attack the best and brightest of Republican Conservatives until he was the last man standing, I swallowed hard and prayed. Prayed for our Nation. My thoughts, really? Are Trump and Clinton REALLY the best their respective parties have to offer for President of the United States? THESE are our choices? We had a real chance to turn this Nation around after 8 years of Obama, and Republicans seem to have squandered that chance with the nomination of Donald Trump.

We all know Hillary Clinton is a souless, heartless creature. From her earliest days as a prosecutor where she shamed and attacked a 12 year old young girl, victim of a brutal rape, to threatening and  attacking women whom her predator husband attacked and raped because he could. Hillary lied to the face of America and the families of 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi, whose murders she watched. She blamed some obscure video when she knew that in fact the attack on our embassy was a planned terrorist attack. . THEN, she had the NERVE to attack these Gold Star families by calling them liars when she was called out on her lies. The greed, the selling of the US State Department to the highest foreign bidders, the 33,000 “lost” emails, the wiped servers, the trail of bodies of those who would dare testify against the Clintons, the millions of dollars donated to the Clinton foundation by terrorist governments. Not to mention $6 billion dollars “lost” while THIS genius was in charge of the State Department. Yet the corrupt, lying, dishonest media yawns its way through these stories.

And Trump. Arrogant, narcissistic, brutal. A walking, talking temper tantrum. With a reputation for treating women as objects. Vulgar. And now the latest and crudest remarks caught on an audio tape from 11 years ago. Republicans are in disarray; many of the Party’s leaders condemning Trump and demanding Trump leave the race. Others are dismissing or even excusing his comments with  some variations of “well, the democrats did worse”. And the democrats have. Even the Clintons are having trouble topping a drunken Teddy crawling away from a dead girl in a car at the bottom of a river.

Is this truly what the campaign for the Presidency has come to? A race to the bottom of the basest of cesspools? Where people without honor, integrity and character are being propped up, while people who believe character still matters are mocked, ridiculed and asked to leave our Party. Trump supporters, please remember this is a campaign for the Presidency of the United States, not some Animal House-like zoo college Fraternity. Character Matters! And it does not matter if Trump said these things 11 years ago or 11 minutes ago; leopards don’t change their spots.

America deserves better than Clinton and Trump, yet one of these two dishonorable and appalling people will be our President. Our Nation was founded on principles of morality and character and it has been said that ONLY people of character and strong morals will keep our Country going. Without people of integrity, character, high morals and honor to lead us, our Nation WILL fail. I am sick to death of voting for the “lesser of two evils”, and it is only by the thinnest of threads that I  believe Donald Trump to be the lesser of those two evils.

I believe Clinton will complete the destructive work of her predecessor, Obama, and America will become an unexceptional nation in a One World Order. Trump may be a disgusting, vulgar pig with a juvenile, high-school jock view of women, but he represents the only  chance we have to save our Nation from the utter corruption of Socialist, Alinskyite Hillary Clinton. Can the most exceptional Constitutional Republic Nation survive 4 years of The Donald? Yes! Can we survive 4 years of Hilary Clinton? A resounding NO!!! So I will mark my ballot (with a pit in my stomach) for Donald Trump and pray like never before that God has mercy on us and on our Country.


What to really make of Donald Trump