OCREC Members Ponder Leadership Changes

On Thursday December 8, members of the Orange County Republican Executive Committee will face another election, that of its Executive Officers. All positions are up for election including Chair and Vice-Chair, . This year, for the first time in several years, Current OCREC Chair Lew Oliver will face a challenge; from OCREC/Republican party new comer Randy Ross. The Vice Chair is up for grabs too as current Vice-Chair Wendy West has decided not to seek re-election. Long time Republican Activist Chadwick Hardee will face another OCREC new comer, Melissa Mcgee.

Both Ross and McGee were very active in Orange County Trump for President activities, with Ross serving as the Orange County Trump Campaign Chair and McGee as the OC for Trump Outreach Chair. No question both worked very hard in Orange County on behalf of President-Elect Trump; unfortunately, those efforts did not win Orange County for Trump.

The thing is, Ross and McGee joined OCREC within the last year; Ross was a registered Democrat until the opportunity to work for the Trump campaign came along, and I don’t know anyone who knew McGee until just this past summer, after an unsuccessful run for RPOF/Orange County State Committeewoman. I don’t know that either can offer the steady, dedicated principled leadership that OCREC needs right now.

Only Chairman Lew Oliver has been that steady, dedicated, principled leader of OCREC for over a decade now. He has guided OCREC through several election cycles and knows the players, the statistics, where the votes are and how to strategically fund raise for the party. And he does this because he is a True Republican and has been his entire life. This is just not another opportunity to Lew for something to do until something else comes along, but a passion, a calling. He leads through example, through inspiration, and he knows how to get the message across and motivate the grassroots to action. Candidate for Vice Chair Chad Hardee has been a dedicated member of OCREC for several years now, and always volunteering to do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Chad will compliment Oliver’s efforts  as well as be an active Vice-Chair in his own right.

OCREC Members: I believe our choice is clear. Principled, steady, dedicated leadership is what we need, and that will come from  Chairman Lew Oliver and Candidate for Vice Chair Chadwick Hardee.

OCREC Members Ponder Leadership Changes