Lots happening in Apopka

Well, I have been away a while. Lots going on in Apopka. New City Centers, Gospel Festivals, competing plans for the Lake Apopka Restoration area, splash pads, and lots of workshop. And even though the election for Apopka Mayor is about 15 months away, it is safe to say the unofficial campaign for that election has started with Mayor’s Kilshiemer’s first State of the City address.

As many of my fans know, our family has had a challenging year, to say the least, and I have not been able to research and comment as much as I’d like, but many others in our City are now starting to pay attention and contribute to the commentary, and we need that: a healthy, robust debate that will ensure our tax dollars won’t be wasted.

So, enjoy the Christmas season and let’s get back started in 2017; there certainly will be plenty to keep us busy. Pay attention, educate yourselves, learn things. I will certainly have enough to say… I hope you will too!


Lots happening in Apopka

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