Liberalism is NOT a Disease

Before the 2016 elections, Progressives Liberals warned Americans that they damn well better be prepared to sit down and shut up after November and accept the results of the Election. Clearly, Hilary Clinton had the election in the bag, and the liberal gloating had already begun. But then, something happened that few expected. Americans showed through their vote that they had ENOUGH of arrogant, know-it-all liberals and their destructive policies and hate-filled rhetoric; we handed them a sound defeat, up and down the ballot, from President to Congress and the Senate, down to local elections. So, did these liberals take their own advice and accept the results of an election they thought was in the bag? NO!! instead the temper tantrums and blood-letting began in earnest, first with controlled riots through out our Nation, paid for by Ultra liberal George Soros. And that was just the beginning.

Since the election results Liberals and their allies in the rotten to the core media have done nothing but undermine and question the integrity of the Vote and the election results, insisting that if not for non-specific “Russian Hacking”, the simpletons that make up America would have seen the light and voted for Hilary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. A group of self-serving, narcissistic Hollywood types even launched an ad demanding Congress obstruct Trump and thus the will of the American people. The tone-deafness of liberals, who simply refuse to acknowledge the message Americans sent in November, that we are FED UP with dishonest, rotten-to-the core media; the arrogance of Hollywood types and other celebrities that allow them to think Americans actually still buy their hateful rhetoric,  is simply astonishing!

SO, is liberalism a disease, as popular Facebook memes claim? NO! Why? because if it’s a disease, it gives liberals an excuse to continue their merry and destructive ways, unabated and unchallenged. After all, they can’t help it if they have a disease. So what is liberalism? It is a mindset, a way of thinking ingrained into the very fiber of their beings; an absolute, smug arrogant belief that only Liberals know what is best for simple Americans; they cannot understand there would be another opinion, another way of life other than their own. They are clever enough to disguise their play for power and control under an umbrella of helping people live better, helping CHILDREN become better citizens; but don’t believe it for a second.  Liberals will deploy any means necessary to achieve their ultimate ends: getting YOU under their control and power… allowing them to tell you what size drink you can buy, what kind of house you can live in and how you can power and even light your house, where or even IF you can drive you car, dismissing the results of an election. After all, it is for your OWN good that liberals must tell  you how to live. You do not have the intelligence to decide these things for yourself.  You can have your opinion as long as it agrees with the LIBERAL opinion; if not, then you must be a racist, sexist, homophobe; an anti-islam, anti-semite, anti-whatever that must be discredited and ultimately destroyed by any means possible.

And this happens not just in Federal policy and laws, but also at the state and right down to the City you live in. What to do about this and how can we even begin to restore the true American way of Life? STOP excusing  Liberalism  as a disease; it is a way of life, a destructive mind-set. Liberal, costly,  feel-good, we know what is best for you policies are bankrupting and destroying cities across our Country. Recognize this, Pay attention to what is happening in your City or town; and speak out. Starting in 2017, my posts will highlight the effects Liberalism is having on the City I live in. No holds bar, no backing down, no apologies; no prisoners; Liberals want a Utopia, and view any attempts to obstruct THEIR efforts as an act of War, thus any means justifies the ends. And what is going on here is probably going on in YOUR Town too… So Arm yourselves with knowledge, KNOW what Liberalism is and what you are up against. Get ready to fight back; Reclaim our Country, our Cities, our towns, or let us be overrun and destroyed by arrogant Liberalism.


Liberalism is NOT a Disease

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