Redefining Nationalist and Supremacist

Nationalist and Supremacist – two words that have been tossed around interchangeably by the media and the Left in the last twenty four hours. What do they mean? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary:  Nationalism (n) – devotion to one’s nation; patriotism. Supremacist (n) – One who believes in the supremacy of a particular group. The words DO NOT mean the same thing. Despite what the Left screams at us, there is nothing wrong with being a Nationalist.. it means you are proud of your country, that you are a patriot. Supremacist is one with feelings of superiority over groups or people and this word has a negative connotation, which it should. But when you put the word “white” in front of Nationalist, as the LEFT has done, suddenly, patriotism has been redefined to mean racist, hate-fill bigot, and worse. It means the same as being a white supremacist. In the aftermath of two mass shootings yesterday and early this morning, Democrats and liberals have wasted NO TIME  running towards the first TV cameras and microphones they could find to resurrect these two terms and role them into one. Once again, President Trump is a white nationalist who supports supremacy and hatred and who encouraged the TX shooter with his “racist” and “devisive ” language. Once particularly despicable dem even went so far to say Trump supported and applauded these shootings.

Some very true statements were made and of that there is no debate. “Racism, bigotry and hatred have no place in our Country”. “We must Unite”. However, maybe some of these dems and liberal, propogandist open border crowd should look in the mirror and assess their role in all of this. Do they also bear responsibility for the terrible tragedies unfolding before our eyes? And what culpability of the murdering shooter himself. I am sure he is not some helpless victim of Trump’s “divisive, angry, racist rhetoric”. Lt Governor Dan Patrick of TX had some very powerful words this morning, directed mostly to the video gaming industry, especially those video games where violence and murder are the keys to winning. All important and excellent points. And of course, for those not advocating out-right gun control, the new rallying cry seems to be this is a mental health issue.

In the days ahead, there will be plenty of blame placing, finger-pointing, pontificating, garment rending, and such. As well as plenty of tears, both real and faux. Somewhere in the middle is reality, and it’s this:

We are AMERICANS! Let’s focus on gaining real justice for the victims of the horrific murders that took place yesterday and this morning. Let’s get all the FACTS first, let law enforcement do their jobs, find what they find, and then let the chips fall where they may. There is EVIL in this country, pure evil and we cannot let that evil envelop this country. ATTEMPT some civility here, unless that ship has already sailed. Can we find some common ground here? Can we work together? Can we agree that being a Nationalist, as defined above, whether white, black, brown or whatever color is a GOOD thing, not a racist, hateful crime? That Nationalist and Supremist cannot and MUST NOT be used interchangeably? If not, then we are DONE as a country..


Redefining Nationalist and Supremacist