Guns, mental health and the 2nd Amendment

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced sweeping and major policy in response to gun violence in our schools, specifically the killing of 17 students at Parkland High School in Broward County FL. Since those brutal killings, the debate has raged night and day about what to do. Not surprisingly, the liberals and gun grabbers want to take away the guns, but with no specific plan to do so. Conversely, conservatives do not want stricter gun laws, favoring instead suggestions like arming teachers and increasing security at the schools.

The center of Governor Scott’s proposals is on mental health issues as the driver of gun violence and subsequent policy changes. He is calling for what amounts to a massive increase in government agencies, bureaucracies and  money for coordinated efforts between local school boards, county law enforcement, the DCF, mental health professionals and other state departments to create a massive date base of who should have guns and who should not. All worthy and noble ideas and worthy of discussion. Within Governor Scott’s statement announcing the plans that should give anyone pause: “No one with mental health issues should have access to guns”. In no particular order, are questions EVERYONE concerned with civil liberties and the 2nd amendment should be asking:

WHO defines what a mental health issue is? What about people being treated for depression, bipolar or other Mental health issues.. If they are in treatment, should they be denied their Second Amendment rights? WHO will make this determination? Will authorities be allowed into private practices to obtain confidential patient records? Will these same authorities then be allowed into these peoples homes to confiscate those guns?

Same questions for those dealing with addictions? Will the authorities be visiting various 12-step meetings and other programs, getting names and then visiting those homes to confiscate the guns?

Do these questions seem far-fetched, unrealistic? Maybe, but nonetheless questions that MUST be answered.

What about proposals that include some form of a Violent Threat Restraining order? Care MUST be taken that these types of orders not be abused by vengeful family members or others looking to get back at someone. Will there be a court or judge in each county who deals ONLY with these types of requests and closely monitors any time constraints put on these restraining orders? Remember, a restraining order is only as good as the paper it is written on.

Perhaps some less sweeping, practical recommendations should be considered. Such as: arming only teachers who WANT to be armed, whose identities would be know only to the school principal and possibly County law enforcement; securing multiple access doors during school hours, allowing only one access door during school hours that would be manned by a school resource officer; Getting RID of the Gun-Free Zone signs littering school properties. These signs are like ringing the dinner bell to a would-be shooter and the people inside are like sitting ducks. With some upgrades, perhaps placement of security cameras in certain areas of the schools.

We cannot be too careful or have too many questions when we are talking about denying a loosely defined and possibly large segment of the population their constitutional rights. We cannot let emotions, rhetoric or talking points dictate legislative or administrative policy. Precautions can be taken without eroding the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. Remember, those who would be willing to give up some freedoms for a little more security will end up sacrificing both.

Guns, mental health and the 2nd Amendment

4 years in the life of Apopka FL

With the Apopka City elections less than 30 days away, campaign season is in high gear. Mail-in ballots have been sent out, and over 600 ballots have already been returned, according to reports. Apopka has approximately 31,000 registered voters. It would be considered a successful election if we can get 15%-20% to actually vote this time out. Of all the rights and freedoms we as Americans have, the right to vote is the most sacred, yet the one right taken completely for granted. As a Nation and as a City, we MUST do better.

Apopka has candidates running for both seats on the City Commission; however, most eyes are on the race for Mayor of Apopka. Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson is challenging current Mayor Joe Kilsheimer. The race for Mayor comes down to these questions:  Do the citizens of Apopka want to see our City spiral out of financial control and into bankruptcy and high taxes in the next couple of years, OR do we want some semblance of financial control and balance restored to the City’s financial life?WHAT has happened to the City’s balance reserves, built up over time and carefully managed by Mayor John Land.  And WHY is our exploding budget being managed, not by careful and prudent spending policies, but by loans and withdrawals from our reserves?

These last 4 years of Mayor K’s administration has seen more than it’s share of missteps and more questions than answers. Let’s review shall we? Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Right after taking office, Mayor K saw the first order of business as voting himself a salary of $150,000., making him the highest paid Mayor in Orange County;

An inability to get a simple splashpad built, or even to secure acceptable bids for said splashpad; constant missteps in getting a Town Center started. After a sweetheart sale of the designated property, which saw the City LOSE over $12,000,000.00, the first shovel of dirt has yet to be turned. Which means, the City STILL does not get tax revenue on that land.

Several times over the last 4 years when employees were unable to cash their paychecks because the money wasn’t in the bank account. Of course, each time it was the bank’s fault; a pending lawsuit by several employees who were told to work overtime, during lunch periods, without pay;

On-going issue with the City’s wastewater facility and practices, resulting in, you guessed it, a lawsuit against the city;

A very nice deal with a developer, MMI, for them to build what amounted to a private off-ramp from the 414 leading right into their very nice development. The City fronts them millions to build the ramp, and low and behold, very nice contributions from these developers start showing up on Mayor K’s campaign contributors list.

In the ongoing saga of the City Manager who will not go away, former CAO Richard Anderson, involved in a hit and run accident (he hit then he ran), resulting in serious injury to the other driver, ended up suing the City of Apopka for wrongful termination. Then after Mayor Joe was involved in a complicated settlement deal that HE brought to the City Commission for approval, Joe did the only logical thing he could do: he voted AGAINST his own deal..

He dug up almost $60,000.00 from the reserves to pay for 4 scoreboards from a company in North Carolina, over a year ago. Only problem is the scoreboards have yet to be delivered, or even seen, except by a few.

Apopka begins and ends with an A – nothing more than a liberal feel-good program that has accomplished little, if any concrete, measureable results. Did I mention this program is run through a foundation, City of Life, run by a friend of the Mayor’s. Amount given thus far to the Mayor’s friend is in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Millions lost from a communications tower that is still in the box because the brain pans in the Kilsheimer administration did not secure a location before buying the tower.

Thousands of dollars in losses from City Run “festivals” like the Symphony under the Stars and the Old Florida Festival among them.

About a year ago, Mayor K and 3 of his buddies, including the friend from the aforementioned City of Life Foundation, put forth a private business plan worth $500,000.00 to a friend in the Florida State Legislature, for taxpayers to pick up the enormous tab.  Fortunately, this money grab died in committee.

And the on-going debate about the City of Apopka’s budget reserves, disappearing rapidly under Mayor K’s administration. Mayor Joe recently claimed at a City Commission meeting, that “sometimes no policy is a policy” and also, “the city does not have the luxury of having a reserve policy”.  With a little fancy arithmetic and some misdirection, Mayor K is trying to discredit Candidate Nelson’s claims about where the reserves were and were they are now. He even hired a blogger from Tampa, of very questionable reputation and ethics, to write a post filled with non-truths, attempting to debunk Nelson’s claims. However, Candidate Nelson’s information comes directly from the City’s OWN budget information, posted on the City’s website. Mayor Joe: figures DO NOT lie, but liars indeed figure.

This little walk down memory lane serves as a reminder of what happens to a City when it is irresponsibly and inexcusably mismanaged. Not to benefit all the Citizens, but a small percentage of campaign donors, developers, personal friends and a core base of joe-bot like supporters. So, which do you want, a city that will soon drown in its own debt, a city that will not be able to provide even basic city services in a few years? OR do you want a City that will be vibrant, growing and thriving because of sound fiscal policy and led by someone who gives personification to the term Public Servant. MY choice has been made: Bryan Nelson has received my vote and I pray he receives YOUR vote!


4 years in the life of Apopka FL