What the Media refuses to report about President Trump

I usually focus my attention with this Blog on local and state issues. But I have just about had it with the lies, deception and downright dishonesty of what is considered as the Mainstream Media when it comes to reporting on our President, Donald Trump. This rotten to the core propagandist media machine has done nothing since November 2016 but tear this President down, mock him and his supporters, report outright proven lies as fact. They cheer at any perceived misstep and refuse to give our President any credit whatsoever. The MSM and liberal elites have been downright vicious and vindictive, the likes that have never been seen before. Because all the lies and attacks take up most of their broadcast time, many of President Trump’s accomplishments remain buried and unreported. SO, fasten your seatbealts for a quick summary of all the good this President has accomplished, in spite of a stubborn Congress and a hateful media.

It has been just over 500 days since President Trump was elected on a promise of America First, something unheard of up to now. Since taking office, our President has strengthened American leadership, security, prosperity and accountability. Our economy is strong, business is booming and unemployment is at historically low rates. Americans are reeping the benefits of a tax cut program enacted earlier this year, that are putting much more than crumbs back into our pockets; businesses have reinvested these tax cuts into their employees as well as expanding their businesses.

President Trump has also re-asserted American leadership on the world Stage and has refused efforts by other countries and our own Democratic leadership and media to keep America as the world’s doormat. He is in Singapore today for an historic summit with North Korea. NO OTHER President, including Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama has been able to get North Korea to do anything this significant. He is standing strong on tariffs, while being attacked by others for his policies being unfair. He moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, again other presidents promised to do, but never delivered. He has secured historic increases in defense funding to rebuild our Nation’s military.

President Trump extended a real deal on immigration to stubborn democrats who before Trump’s offer, demanded he give them everything IN the deal. When he offered up what they wanted, Democrats turned up their noses on the deal. The President is also working to secure our borders, and rid the Country of the Democrat darlings, the members of the MS-13 gang, some of the most vicious animals ever to roam the face of the earth.

Finally, President Trump is working to make government more accountable to the American People. He’s eliminated the penality for ObamaCare’s burdensome individual mandate; working also to make the VA more accountable. And he is working to ensure that religious liberties of Americans are protected, not attacked as they were in the Obama administration.

This is but a very short summary of President Donald Trump’s many accomplishments in his stated effort to Make America Great Again. Surprised to hear all this? Wondering why you don’t hear this from media outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, the New York times and others? Ask them! Write and call them and ask these questions.  Call them out! Make them defend their dishonest, vindictive, hate-filled reporting!

President Trump is under constant attack from hateful and vindictive democrats and media who are still asking after almost two years, “what happened”. What happened is that everyday Americans are sick to death of being dictated to by a controlling media and arrogant liberals who think they have the best interests of our Country at heart. What happened is that America finally stood up to the bullying media and liberals and said “enough is enough”! We will Make America Great Again!! and with President Trump leading our Nation, America IS becoming GREAT AGAIN!!

What the Media refuses to report about President Trump

One thought on “What the Media refuses to report about President Trump

  1. Diane Velazquez says:

    Hi Barb,

    Thank you for sharing this article. President Trump is not conventional but he is fulfilling his promises to the American citizens. The battles with the media distracts from his accomplishments.

    Enjoy your summer with your grandkids; your granddaughter is beautiful; the boys are out of toddler stage.


    Sent from my iPhone



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