TRUMP is NOT ripping Children of Illegals Out of Parents Arms!

First, Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers and father figures out there. Contrary to what liberals claim, we cannot and will not marginalize the important role of fathers. Which brings me to the issue of the day.. Immigration Policy and how Trump is ripping children out of there mothers and fathers arms.

First of all, interesting this is now getting attention from dishonest and corrupt media and liberals, as President Trump prepares to go to Capital Hill this week to attempt an honest conversation among Republicans about how to handle illegal immigration. A coordinating attack that is trying to taint public opinion and undermine, yet again, what Trump is attempting to do. Some thoughts:

ONLY the immigration laws currently on the books are being followed. TRUMP is not ripping children out of their mothers arms. These laws and this policy were also being followed under the Obama administration. Why were not liberals so concerned back then? These mothers are ripping their own children out of their arms by breaking our Nation’s laws, crossing the border illegally! Unless liberals would like children to accompany their illegal immigrant parents through the court system. Absolutely, these children would be better off in holding cells with the parents, right?

The corrupt, dishonest media and morally bankrupt liberals claims these poor children are in concentration camp like settings when IN FACT, the accommodations for these children is comfortable and good. Corrupt media shows pictures of children lying in cages, when in  fact these photos were taken in 2014, during the OBAMA administration. Again, where was the liberal rage back then? These children will also be reunited with their parents as soon their parents cases are resolved. in the meantime,  perhaps all these bleeding heart liberals would like to take these children into their own homes, since they are so concerned about their well-being.

Finally, I find it disturbing and a bit macabre that dishonest, rotten to the core liberals and media are crying and hand-wringing over children being ripped from their  mommies arms, yet have no problem with and in fact fight for mommies to be able to have their children ripped out of their wombs by the satanic and barbaric methods used during abortions. Liberals will indeed fight for illegals but refuse to fight for and protect the REAL innocents! Laughable! You can lecture me all you want about illegal immigration AFTER you get your own priorities straight!

Both Obama and President Trump followed on the books immigration laws yet, it is President Trump who receives the wrath of the left. It is President Trump and republicans who are accused as being heartless, cruel, soulless. These accusations come from the LEFT, who support murdering unborn innocents right up to the moment of birth, and who mock America and its citizens every chance they get.

Legal immigration is a privilege for those who qualify, who go through the proper channels and truly understand what America is about, our founding principles and the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen. Illegal immigration and amnesty are ploys that reward law-breaking and render the entire citizenship process meaningless and pointless.  The only thing illegals have to understand is that in America, everything is free and a gift from Democrats. And tells citizens and legal immigrants that laws do not matter; that WE do not matter. Fed up with all this? Had enough? Start standing up and defending our Country against the invasion of illegal immigration. Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to WORK with our President on enforcing current immigration laws and sensible reform and border security that will be FAIR and put America First!

And above all, don’t let the rotten to the core propagandist media and dishonest liberals hijack this debate any more than they already have! Don’t let hypocrites and those who hold our Country in contempt shape policy! In all that we do, American policies and laws must put AMERICA FIRST!

TRUMP is NOT ripping Children of Illegals Out of Parents Arms!

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