Liberals have declared war on America; can we fight back?

Our Nation is under attack. Not from North Korea, not from Iran, not from Russia. However, make NO mistake, we ARE under attack. But from whom and when did this attack start?

This attack has been ongoing for decades, since elitist progressives like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Saul Alinksky and many others decided they were superior to regular human beings and thus had the right to govern with power and control over the uneducated masses. Alinsky, especially, devoted his life to organizing a revolution in America and become the original community organizer. Among his disciples: Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Recognize those names? Alinsky’s principles were simple: The Issue is NEVER the issue, only power and control are the issues. Meaning: Alinksytes care NOTHING for what they fight, except to cause chaos, disruption and destruction in their wake. They do not waste a moment of time thinking about how to actually make society work; how to stop people from committing crimes; or how to get people to work together.

Alinksytes (and that describes a fair majority of today’s liberals) believe they are at war, yes WAR with conservatives and ordinary Americans just trying to live day by day. David Horowitz writes” when… the left go into battle, they set out to destroy their opponents by stigmatizing them as ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘islamophobes'” and now the latest, ‘Nazis’. Who would ever have thought it possible, that vile accusation would be used to describe people who love America and only want fair enforcement of laws that put America first?

Horowitz goes on to write: “when you are in a war… there is no middle ground. Radicals perceive opponents of their causes (America loving citizens) as enemies on a battlefield, and they set out to destroy them by demonizing and discrediting them. Personally. The politics of personal destruction is an inevitable weapon of choices for radicals”. Sound familiar? Liberals are at war with America and will use any means necessary to win, a take a no-prisoners approach. THEY are fighting a no-holds bar battle plan while WE, conservatives try to enforce our rules of fairness and pluralism.

For years Alinksytes seemed content to bide their time, destroying America incrementally. Then the unthinkable happened: America stood up and elected Donald Trump their president. This event was the tipping point for liberals and drove most of them into a frenzy of hatred and destruction. Witness: the womens marches right after the election; the fictional Trump/Russia collusion narrative, which is looking more and more like complete fabrication by Trump haters within the highest halls of the American Justice system, this insurance policy completely supported by a complicit Ministry of truth known as the Mainstream media; one phony, manufactured crisis after the next. When one crisis did not work, liberals dipped into their seemingly bottomless bag of lies to come up with something else.

And now where we are today? Americans who support enforcing existing immigration laws and sensible reform and border security are called heartless, soulless, Nazis. Old misleading photos are trotted out by the Alinskytes; children are used as pawns by the left to score points on the political scoreboard; the liberal rag known as Time Magazine even publishes a false photo on its cover to push an untrue narrative. Hollywood celebrities get away with threatening to kidnap Trump’s own son and cage him with pedophiles; they threaten to blow up the White House; they continue to lecture and demonize every-day Americans while refusing to practice what THEY preach. One Trump cabinet member is harassed and shouted at during dinner; later a mob surrounds her house to continue their threatening behavior. Trump’s press secretary and her family are asked to leave a restaurant by a hate-filled liberal owner who claims she is trying  to uphold her principles. Florida’s own attorney general is harassed outside a movie theater by a mob of hecklers to the point the police have to be called to escort the AG to safety.

What the hell is going on? As stated above, WAR has been declared, by  an unhinged and deranged LEFT that will not accept that ordinary Americans DID speak in November 2016 and elected the person they thought would best lead us, Donald Trump. A war that was declared by Alinsky disciples Obama and Clinton, surprised? And their many foot soldiers: from Schumer and Pelosi; from Comey, Strozak, Mueller, Brennan and others; right down to the mob protestors heckling and harassing Trump supporters.

As Horowtiz states: Until conservatives recognize just how dishonest radicals are, we will not be able to defend ourselves from attack. There are some who are asking, almost appeasing to the right for civility and a return to manners and politeness when dealing with the left. APPEASMENT NEVER WORKS. We better figure out quick what WILL work, or our Nation will destroy itself and then the Alinskyte will march right in and take control. Keep speaking, keep calling out the disgraceful and criminal behavior from the left. Demand that laws on the books be enforced, and refuse to be silenced by the names we will be called. Conservatives and true American loving citizens are this Nation’s Last, Best hope. Let’s do this!

Liberals have declared war on America; can we fight back?

3 thoughts on “Liberals have declared war on America; can we fight back?

  1. Gail Thompson says:

    What can we, as, conservative PEOPLE, do to fight. Because I feel fight is the proper word. Here’s NO rationalizing with this enemy. God Help Us…


    1. Liberals are at war with us.. proving they will stop at nothing; there is no hole that is deep enough for them. Instead of running away and appeasing, Conservatives can call out them out on it. We can boycott, peaceably! We can develop backbones and not let words hurt, scare or intimidate us. You are right Gail, there is no rationalizing with them… perhaps different tactics are necessary..


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