Redefining Nationalist and Supremacist

Nationalist and Supremacist – two words that have been tossed around interchangeably by the media and the Left in the last twenty four hours. What do they mean? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary:  Nationalism (n) – devotion to one’s nation; patriotism. Supremacist (n) – One who believes in the supremacy of a particular group. The words do not mean the same thing. Despite what the Left screams at us, there is nothing wrong with being a Nationalist.. it means you proud of your country, that you are a patriot. Supremacist is one with feelings of superiority over groups or people and this word has a negative connotation. But when you put the word “white” in front of Nationalist, as the LEFT has done this weekend, suddenly, patriotism has been redefined to mean racist, hate-fill bigot, and worse. It means the same as being a white supremacist. And thus, the propagandist media hijacked the narratives of these ugly riots in the first moments.  Suddenly nationalists (patriots) were lumped in with the same hate-filled groups like the KKK, neo-nazis and the like. Cries to condemn the actions of these hate-filled white nationalists or white supremacists, used interchangeably, filled the airwaves. Politicians and media alike rushed towards TV cameras and microphones, tripping over each other in their rush to condemn the white nationalists, and assume some kind of moral high ground. Just be sure that high ground is not built on quicksand.

Some very true statements were made and of that there is no debate. “Racism, bigotry and hatred have no place in our Country”. “We must Unite”. All of these statements were directed at white supremacists, white nationalists only. President Trump has been vilified by the leftist media, leftist politicians and even appeasing members of the Republican Party. All have said President Trump’s statement was not forceful enough or that the statement was too general because he did not condemn the actions of only white Nationalists; they also loudly questioned the delay in making his statement.

The truth is, if blame is to placed at the feet of white supremacists, then blame must also be assigned to other people who engaged in violence, those members of ANTIFA and BLM, among others. Unfortunately this episode will not go away soon, and Nationalists, patriots, will continue to be widely and loudly condemned. And let’s not forget why this all started. The LEFT, in their Orwellian haste to erase anything THEY  deem politically incorrect or abhorrent, took down yet another monument of our Nation’s history. Taking down a monument does not mean that part of history gets automatically erased. I am by no means justifying the ugliness that happened yesterday at the University of Virginia, but let’s at least acknowledge the role this type of history re-writing can and in this case, ultimately did play.

Perhaps instead of getting caught up in the twisted semantics of Nationalist or Supremacist, we should, as one commentator said this morning, see ourselves as AMERICANS, without the hyphens, racial, religious or class categories. All sides of this ugly incident, whether participant, commentator, politician or ordinary citizens just trying to make sense of this all must recognize: AMERICA FIRST! Hatred, racism and bigotry have NO PLACE in our America. We must unite. There are forces out there far uglier that are trying to destroy America and if we do not unite as Americans to fight these forces, then we are DONE as a country.

Redefining Nationalist and Supremacist