The Truth about AHCA. READ this if you dare!

The rotten-to-the core propagandist liberal media once again refuses to do their jobs and report the facts. Instead of reporting what exactly is in the newest healthcare plan bill approved Friday by Congress, they report ONLY on the flat out lies, side-show protests, mob mentality at Congressmen’s town halls and the mass hysteria created by the lying left, and gloat about how Republicans will lose the House in 2018.

The biggest lie of all is that people with pre-existing conditions will lose their coverage and be left to die!! Even just typing these words, I realize just how ridiculous that sounds, don’t you? American Congressmen (specifically Republicans) will just let their constituents and fellow Americans to die?? Liberals and their lying cohorts in the media who have not even read the bill are engaging in scare tactics, fear mongering and moral bullying simply because they know that Obamacare, the plan they forced down America’s throats in 2010, is collapsing under its own weight, with more and more large insurers pulling out of the exchanges every day. All that is left in some states is ONE insurer; that’s not choice, that’s monopoly! The young, healthy person on whom hinged all of Obamacare’s shared pain and sacrifice did NOT buy health insurance like they wee supposed to, electing instead to pay the penalty imposed by the IRS for NOT having coverage.

Let’s be clear, the Republican plan passed Friday DOES allow for continued coverage of Pre-existing conditions.  Insurers are required to sell plans to everyone, including those with pre-existing conditions. This is known as “guaranteed issue,” and it’s mandated in the AHCA. Planned Parenthood dollars currently used to fund abortions, would be diverted instead to actual women’s healthcare and services.  NO ONE is going to die under this plan; granny will not be pushed over a cliff. What the bill does allow for is more input from each STATE about how best to handle coverage for their residents, through planned legislative and administrative actions, such as waivers from certain aspects of AHCA which can help bring down costs and actually expand care.  The left’s hysteric claims that millions will lose their coverage stems from the fact that, unlike Draconian Obamacare, people will no longer be FORCED to buy healthcare. They won’t LOSE it, they simply can now refuse to buy coverage. One GREAT aspect of AHCA is the reinstatement of health savings accounts, which will result in people having more control over their healthcare decisions. Subsidies for many will be continued under this plan.

The AHCA is infinitely better than ObamaCare could ever hope to be. Since the lying slugs in the propagandist, leftist media refuse to tell you the truth, perhaps this very general outline would help. And, keep in mind, The AHCA passed by the House is NOT the final product!! It must go to the Senate for discussion, amendments and rewrites. What will come from the legislative process is anyone’s guess. Truthfully, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that states government must provide healthcare or insurance to anyone. This is another entitlement program designed by socialist liberals who believe only in government and collectivism and not the individual or free markets.

Liberal politicians and the leftist media must stop being driven by blind hatred for Trump and America and start reporting the TRUTH and let Americans decide for themselves about AHCA and other issues. Pontificating, fear mongering  hand-wringing, emotional blackmail must be recognized as the deceitful, dishonest leftist tactics they really are. They have NO place in an honest and open debate and discussion about any of the issues America faces, including healthcare and health insurance.


The Truth about AHCA. READ this if you dare!