Should Apopka end the City of Life Foundation Gravy Train

About 7 months ago, Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer introduced the citizens of Apopka to his pet project “Apopka Begins and ends with an A”. Typical of many liberal feel-good programs and with a heavy dose of it’s for the kids and this IS who we are rhetoric, the program and it’s main goal was that all schools in the Apopka Community will achieve an “A” rating from the Florida Department of Education. In a 5 page proposal, the Mayor laid out a non-specific plans towards achieving that nearly unattainable goal. Filled with flowery, lofty language and liberal buzz words and catch phrases that don’t mean anything, the Mayor then announced he’d already committed $20,000 to an organization called the City of Life Foundation, a group with whom the Mayor had a 10 year association with, including being its President from 2011 – 2013. The group had already chosen the first two schools to work with.

As far as I can tell, that was the last we heard of this program until a presentation about this program was done at last month’s Commission meeting. I personally did not expect much from this presentation except more non-specifics about how great the program was doing but how much work remained to be done. And I was not disappointed. Not unexpectedly, the report was long on back-patting and very short on actual program achievement specifics. The presenters even admitted that the goal is at best, a moving target. In fact, we were told that this program actually is not all about the “A”, but about the students and hopes this program expands to all Apopka schools… at $10,000 per school, I am sure that is a BIG hope. Like most government feed-the-beast, gravy train programs, success won’t be measured by concrete results or accountability measures, but by how quickly more taxpayer money can be obtained to expand the program. The presentation was also very long on liberal¬† “it takes a village” rhetoric. As long as the target continues to move, we have no choice but to continue to throw more taxpayer money at this program; after all it is for the kids.

Then yesterday, a blog post by City of Life Orlando was discovered, singing the praises of George Soros, a “self-made” billionaire. For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Soros, he never met a far-left, Socialist destructive cause or policy he did not support. He has poured millions into far-left and new world order causes and organizations, Common Core, among others. He strongly supports Mr. Obama’s wish to fundamentally transform America. Wanting to find out if there was any connection between this organization and the City of Life Foundation that came to Apopka last month to appeal for thousands more in taxpayer money, I researched. And found that these two organizations are in fact the same.

So, Apopka citizens, I have a question for you.¬† Are you willing to continue to throw thousands upon thousands of dollars to an organization with very little to show for that money, but makes a hero of far-left Socialist George Soros? I won’t even get into the whole public schools as indoctrination centers theories, but it is very disconcerting that our Mayor sings the praises of and appeals for more money to fund an organization run by friends of his that in turn support leftist causes and individuals. Is this who WE are?



Should Apopka end the City of Life Foundation Gravy Train