What issues will matter in 2019-2020?

Many have said our Nation is in jeopardy. We ARE! Sanctimonious, Creepy Uncle Joe stated we are in the fight for the soul of our Nation. That is about the only thing I agree with Mr. Grope and Change on. Twenty plus demorats are declared for the 2020 Presidential election, each one vying to see who can be the most progressive. New green deals, no more cows or airplanes, no more combustionable engines, healthy government diets, free EVERYTHING! WOW!! Unicorns and rainbows everywhere! At what Cost???

There are so many dangers are country faces right now. In no particular order, but each can prove devastating to our Nation. The fight to destroy the Electoral College; Out of control illegal immigration; endless investigations and the continued undermining of President Trump and his administration; the rule of the deep state; the dishonest, rotten to the core corrupt and complicit media outlets, who are nothing more than propagandist mouthpieces for the socialist dems; The creeping socialism and communism that demorats are promising under the guise of: free college, student loan debt foregiveness, guaranteed jobs, your whole life from cradle to grave planned by the benevolent government. After all, we are all in this together, right?

We are in the fight for the life of this nation, our soul if you will. In the coming months, we will be examining many of these issues and why we must continue to fight for our Nation, for our Founding principles, for ourselves. 2020 will be here before you know it. I refuse to wake up on Wednesday November 4th, 2020 to the dawn of what will be the start of a quasi-communist regime.

What issues will matter in 2019-2020?


God Bless the United States of America on our Nation’s Independence Day, which happens to be on July 4th. We Celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY, not the 4th of July! It’s important we don’t let  Liberal progressives shame us into saying only Happy 4th of July, while allowing Independence Day to be  sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctedness and Appeasement.

In the weeks and months preceding July 4, 1776, our Founding Fathers decided they’d had enough of the King of England’s crushing and tyrannical rule from across the Ocean, and the atrocities visited upon them. A summary of these reasons can be boiled down thus: The King behaved as a Tyrant, imposing unjust laws, taxing without appropriate representation, obstructing justice, the forced quartering of troops among the colonies. It was only after all other avenues of remedy had been exhausted that these people took the unprecedented step of declaring their Independence and absolved all allegiance to the Crown of Britain. Fifty five men, representing the 13 colonies “mutually pledged to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor” and on July 4th 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence via Action of the Second Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence was viewed by Great Britain as an act of Treason. And thus, an Exceptional Nation was born.

These fifty five men recognized that all Men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that government derives their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed. That is, WE THE PEOPLE are the government. We are not ruled by monarchs or dictators, but representatives of OUR own choosing.

How many can say they have read the Declaration of Independence and understood its meaning? How many of our children and grandchildren have read or had the Declaration read to them? Are children being taught this in our Schools anymore? Not really, instead, liberal progressives are indoctrinating our children that America was and is an imperialistic nation; that the Founding Fathers were nothing more than paternalistic, white slave-owners. Our children are taught and even liberal columnists are calling on Americans to play down the patriotism of this National Holiday, lest we offend anyone. If people are offending by the EXCEPTIONALISM AND PATRIOTISM that is America, that is THEIR problem. You want to scold me because I love America and am not afraid to show it?  I ask liberals: why don’t YOU love America enough to show it? What exactly are YOU ashamed of?

And I ask all Americans this question: Our founding Fathers believed enough in their dreams for a Just and Righteous Nation they risked EVERYTHING, even their very lives to put their names to a Document, an action that was akin to signing their own death warrants. How many of us TODAY would be willing to do that for our Country? Unfortunately, too many today, instead of standing up to our enemies, will cower in a corner, only too anxious and eager to appease the enemy. Our Founding Fathers recognized appeasement to an enemy incurs only the further WRATH of that enemy. We need to find OUR fighting Spirit, we need to recover our Love of Nation and our belief in the Exceptionalism of America! We need to take it upon ourselves to teach ourselves, our children and grandchildren all about our Founding Documents and what they meant, so that we know what we are fighting for. Fox News did on-the-spot interviews with people at a local beach, asking them what the significance of July 4th is. Horrifying that NO ONE interviewed could answer that question!

On this, our Nation’s Independence, we need to understand and appreciate why it is an honor to be an American Citizen, and we also need to understand the rights and responsibilities of being an American Citizens. Legal Immigrants, who come to our Country legally, and follow all the prescribed steps; who learn English; who learn our Nation’s founding principles and learn about our founding documents, including our Declaration of Independence understand this and preserve in their quest to become a Citizen of the most exceptional nation on Earth, almost seem to appreciate America more than most of us, her Citizens. STOP  taking America for granted! STOP call America the worst country on earth simply because we want  sound immigration laws and smart border policies. For if we do not have these laws, then we open ourselves up to complete chaos and anarchy.

Do yourself a favor these next couple of days. READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Yes the language is a bit antiquated, but read it anyways. In fact, read it several times to comprehend the true rationale behind the founding of our Great Nation! Gain a true appreciation of the sacrifices made by our Nation’s founders! And Maybe, just maybe, gain a little more pride in our Nation! The United States is the GREATEST, most exceptional Nation on the face of the Earth. Let’s start treating her like we mean it!


Liberals have declared war on America; can we fight back?

Our Nation is under attack. Not from North Korea, not from Iran, not from Russia. However, make NO mistake, we ARE under attack. But from whom and when did this attack start?

This attack has been ongoing for decades, since elitist progressives like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Saul Alinksky and many others decided they were superior to regular human beings and thus had the right to govern with power and control over the uneducated masses. Alinsky, especially, devoted his life to organizing a revolution in America and become the original community organizer. Among his disciples: Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. Recognize those names? Alinsky’s principles were simple: The Issue is NEVER the issue, only power and control are the issues. Meaning: Alinksytes care NOTHING for what they fight, except to cause chaos, disruption and destruction in their wake. They do not waste a moment of time thinking about how to actually make society work; how to stop people from committing crimes; or how to get people to work together.

Alinksytes (and that describes a fair majority of today’s liberals) believe they are at war, yes WAR with conservatives and ordinary Americans just trying to live day by day. David Horowitz writes” when… the left go into battle, they set out to destroy their opponents by stigmatizing them as ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘islamophobes'” and now the latest, ‘Nazis’. Who would ever have thought it possible, that vile accusation would be used to describe people who love America and only want fair enforcement of laws that put America first?

Horowitz goes on to write: “when you are in a war… there is no middle ground. Radicals perceive opponents of their causes (America loving citizens) as enemies on a battlefield, and they set out to destroy them by demonizing and discrediting them. Personally. The politics of personal destruction is an inevitable weapon of choices for radicals”. Sound familiar? Liberals are at war with America and will use any means necessary to win, a take a no-prisoners approach. THEY are fighting a no-holds bar battle plan while WE, conservatives try to enforce our rules of fairness and pluralism.

For years Alinksytes seemed content to bide their time, destroying America incrementally. Then the unthinkable happened: America stood up and elected Donald Trump their president. This event was the tipping point for liberals and drove most of them into a frenzy of hatred and destruction. Witness: the womens marches right after the election; the fictional Trump/Russia collusion narrative, which is looking more and more like complete fabrication by Trump haters within the highest halls of the American Justice system, this insurance policy completely supported by a complicit Ministry of truth known as the Mainstream media; one phony, manufactured crisis after the next. When one crisis did not work, liberals dipped into their seemingly bottomless bag of lies to come up with something else.

And now where we are today? Americans who support enforcing existing immigration laws and sensible reform and border security are called heartless, soulless, Nazis. Old misleading photos are trotted out by the Alinskytes; children are used as pawns by the left to score points on the political scoreboard; the liberal rag known as Time Magazine even publishes a false photo on its cover to push an untrue narrative. Hollywood celebrities get away with threatening to kidnap Trump’s own son and cage him with pedophiles; they threaten to blow up the White House; they continue to lecture and demonize every-day Americans while refusing to practice what THEY preach. One Trump cabinet member is harassed and shouted at during dinner; later a mob surrounds her house to continue their threatening behavior. Trump’s press secretary and her family are asked to leave a restaurant by a hate-filled liberal owner who claims she is trying  to uphold her principles. Florida’s own attorney general is harassed outside a movie theater by a mob of hecklers to the point the police have to be called to escort the AG to safety.

What the hell is going on? As stated above, WAR has been declared, by  an unhinged and deranged LEFT that will not accept that ordinary Americans DID speak in November 2016 and elected the person they thought would best lead us, Donald Trump. A war that was declared by Alinsky disciples Obama and Clinton, surprised? And their many foot soldiers: from Schumer and Pelosi; from Comey, Strozak, Mueller, Brennan and others; right down to the mob protestors heckling and harassing Trump supporters.

As Horowtiz states: Until conservatives recognize just how dishonest radicals are, we will not be able to defend ourselves from attack. There are some who are asking, almost appeasing to the right for civility and a return to manners and politeness when dealing with the left. APPEASMENT NEVER WORKS. We better figure out quick what WILL work, or our Nation will destroy itself and then the Alinskyte will march right in and take control. Keep speaking, keep calling out the disgraceful and criminal behavior from the left. Demand that laws on the books be enforced, and refuse to be silenced by the names we will be called. Conservatives and true American loving citizens are this Nation’s Last, Best hope. Let’s do this!

Liberals have declared war on America; can we fight back?

TRUMP is NOT ripping Children of Illegals Out of Parents Arms!

First, Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers and father figures out there. Contrary to what liberals claim, we cannot and will not marginalize the important role of fathers. Which brings me to the issue of the day.. Immigration Policy and how Trump is ripping children out of there mothers and fathers arms.

First of all, interesting this is now getting attention from dishonest and corrupt media and liberals, as President Trump prepares to go to Capital Hill this week to attempt an honest conversation among Republicans about how to handle illegal immigration. A coordinating attack that is trying to taint public opinion and undermine, yet again, what Trump is attempting to do. Some thoughts:

ONLY the immigration laws currently on the books are being followed. TRUMP is not ripping children out of their mothers arms. These laws and this policy were also being followed under the Obama administration. Why were not liberals so concerned back then? These mothers are ripping their own children out of their arms by breaking our Nation’s laws, crossing the border illegally! Unless liberals would like children to accompany their illegal immigrant parents through the court system. Absolutely, these children would be better off in holding cells with the parents, right?

The corrupt, dishonest media and morally bankrupt liberals claims these poor children are in concentration camp like settings when IN FACT, the accommodations for these children is comfortable and good. Corrupt media shows pictures of children lying in cages, when in  fact these photos were taken in 2014, during the OBAMA administration. Again, where was the liberal rage back then? These children will also be reunited with their parents as soon their parents cases are resolved. in the meantime,  perhaps all these bleeding heart liberals would like to take these children into their own homes, since they are so concerned about their well-being.

Finally, I find it disturbing and a bit macabre that dishonest, rotten to the core liberals and media are crying and hand-wringing over children being ripped from their  mommies arms, yet have no problem with and in fact fight for mommies to be able to have their children ripped out of their wombs by the satanic and barbaric methods used during abortions. Liberals will indeed fight for illegals but refuse to fight for and protect the REAL innocents! Laughable! You can lecture me all you want about illegal immigration AFTER you get your own priorities straight!

Both Obama and President Trump followed on the books immigration laws yet, it is President Trump who receives the wrath of the left. It is President Trump and republicans who are accused as being heartless, cruel, soulless. These accusations come from the LEFT, who support murdering unborn innocents right up to the moment of birth, and who mock America and its citizens every chance they get.

Legal immigration is a privilege for those who qualify, who go through the proper channels and truly understand what America is about, our founding principles and the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen. Illegal immigration and amnesty are ploys that reward law-breaking and render the entire citizenship process meaningless and pointless.  The only thing illegals have to understand is that in America, everything is free and a gift from Democrats. And tells citizens and legal immigrants that laws do not matter; that WE do not matter. Fed up with all this? Had enough? Start standing up and defending our Country against the invasion of illegal immigration. Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to WORK with our President on enforcing current immigration laws and sensible reform and border security that will be FAIR and put America First!

And above all, don’t let the rotten to the core propagandist media and dishonest liberals hijack this debate any more than they already have! Don’t let hypocrites and those who hold our Country in contempt shape policy! In all that we do, American policies and laws must put AMERICA FIRST!

TRUMP is NOT ripping Children of Illegals Out of Parents Arms!

What the Media refuses to report about President Trump

I usually focus my attention with this Blog on local and state issues. But I have just about had it with the lies, deception and downright dishonesty of what is considered as the Mainstream Media when it comes to reporting on our President, Donald Trump. This rotten to the core propagandist media machine has done nothing since November 2016 but tear this President down, mock him and his supporters, report outright proven lies as fact. They cheer at any perceived misstep and refuse to give our President any credit whatsoever. The MSM and liberal elites have been downright vicious and vindictive, the likes that have never been seen before. Because all the lies and attacks take up most of their broadcast time, many of President Trump’s accomplishments remain buried and unreported. SO, fasten your seatbealts for a quick summary of all the good this President has accomplished, in spite of a stubborn Congress and a hateful media.

It has been just over 500 days since President Trump was elected on a promise of America First, something unheard of up to now. Since taking office, our President has strengthened American leadership, security, prosperity and accountability. Our economy is strong, business is booming and unemployment is at historically low rates. Americans are reeping the benefits of a tax cut program enacted earlier this year, that are putting much more than crumbs back into our pockets; businesses have reinvested these tax cuts into their employees as well as expanding their businesses.

President Trump has also re-asserted American leadership on the world Stage and has refused efforts by other countries and our own Democratic leadership and media to keep America as the world’s doormat. He is in Singapore today for an historic summit with North Korea. NO OTHER President, including Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama has been able to get North Korea to do anything this significant. He is standing strong on tariffs, while being attacked by others for his policies being unfair. He moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, again other presidents promised to do, but never delivered. He has secured historic increases in defense funding to rebuild our Nation’s military.

President Trump extended a real deal on immigration to stubborn democrats who before Trump’s offer, demanded he give them everything IN the deal. When he offered up what they wanted, Democrats turned up their noses on the deal. The President is also working to secure our borders, and rid the Country of the Democrat darlings, the members of the MS-13 gang, some of the most vicious animals ever to roam the face of the earth.

Finally, President Trump is working to make government more accountable to the American People. He’s eliminated the penality for ObamaCare’s burdensome individual mandate; working also to make the VA more accountable. And he is working to ensure that religious liberties of Americans are protected, not attacked as they were in the Obama administration.

This is but a very short summary of President Donald Trump’s many accomplishments in his stated effort to Make America Great Again. Surprised to hear all this? Wondering why you don’t hear this from media outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, the New York times and others? Ask them! Write and call them and ask these questions.  Call them out! Make them defend their dishonest, vindictive, hate-filled reporting!

President Trump is under constant attack from hateful and vindictive democrats and media who are still asking after almost two years, “what happened”. What happened is that everyday Americans are sick to death of being dictated to by a controlling media and arrogant liberals who think they have the best interests of our Country at heart. What happened is that America finally stood up to the bullying media and liberals and said “enough is enough”! We will Make America Great Again!! and with President Trump leading our Nation, America IS becoming GREAT AGAIN!!

What the Media refuses to report about President Trump

Guns, mental health and the 2nd Amendment

Yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott announced sweeping and major policy in response to gun violence in our schools, specifically the killing of 17 students at Parkland High School in Broward County FL. Since those brutal killings, the debate has raged night and day about what to do. Not surprisingly, the liberals and gun grabbers want to take away the guns, but with no specific plan to do so. Conversely, conservatives do not want stricter gun laws, favoring instead suggestions like arming teachers and increasing security at the schools.

The center of Governor Scott’s proposals is on mental health issues as the driver of gun violence and subsequent policy changes. He is calling for what amounts to a massive increase in government agencies, bureaucracies and  money for coordinated efforts between local school boards, county law enforcement, the DCF, mental health professionals and other state departments to create a massive date base of who should have guns and who should not. All worthy and noble ideas and worthy of discussion. Within Governor Scott’s statement announcing the plans that should give anyone pause: “No one with mental health issues should have access to guns”. In no particular order, are questions EVERYONE concerned with civil liberties and the 2nd amendment should be asking:

WHO defines what a mental health issue is? What about people being treated for depression, bipolar or other Mental health issues.. If they are in treatment, should they be denied their Second Amendment rights? WHO will make this determination? Will authorities be allowed into private practices to obtain confidential patient records? Will these same authorities then be allowed into these peoples homes to confiscate those guns?

Same questions for those dealing with addictions? Will the authorities be visiting various 12-step meetings and other programs, getting names and then visiting those homes to confiscate the guns?

Do these questions seem far-fetched, unrealistic? Maybe, but nonetheless questions that MUST be answered.

What about proposals that include some form of a Violent Threat Restraining order? Care MUST be taken that these types of orders not be abused by vengeful family members or others looking to get back at someone. Will there be a court or judge in each county who deals ONLY with these types of requests and closely monitors any time constraints put on these restraining orders? Remember, a restraining order is only as good as the paper it is written on.

Perhaps some less sweeping, practical recommendations should be considered. Such as: arming only teachers who WANT to be armed, whose identities would be know only to the school principal and possibly County law enforcement; securing multiple access doors during school hours, allowing only one access door during school hours that would be manned by a school resource officer; Getting RID of the Gun-Free Zone signs littering school properties. These signs are like ringing the dinner bell to a would-be shooter and the people inside are like sitting ducks. With some upgrades, perhaps placement of security cameras in certain areas of the schools.

We cannot be too careful or have too many questions when we are talking about denying a loosely defined and possibly large segment of the population their constitutional rights. We cannot let emotions, rhetoric or talking points dictate legislative or administrative policy. Precautions can be taken without eroding the constitutional rights of law abiding citizens. Remember, those who would be willing to give up some freedoms for a little more security will end up sacrificing both.

Guns, mental health and the 2nd Amendment

4 years in the life of Apopka FL

With the Apopka City elections less than 30 days away, campaign season is in high gear. Mail-in ballots have been sent out, and over 600 ballots have already been returned, according to reports. Apopka has approximately 31,000 registered voters. It would be considered a successful election if we can get 15%-20% to actually vote this time out. Of all the rights and freedoms we as Americans have, the right to vote is the most sacred, yet the one right taken completely for granted. As a Nation and as a City, we MUST do better.

Apopka has candidates running for both seats on the City Commission; however, most eyes are on the race for Mayor of Apopka. Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson is challenging current Mayor Joe Kilsheimer. The race for Mayor comes down to these questions:  Do the citizens of Apopka want to see our City spiral out of financial control and into bankruptcy and high taxes in the next couple of years, OR do we want some semblance of financial control and balance restored to the City’s financial life?WHAT has happened to the City’s balance reserves, built up over time and carefully managed by Mayor John Land.  And WHY is our exploding budget being managed, not by careful and prudent spending policies, but by loans and withdrawals from our reserves?

These last 4 years of Mayor K’s administration has seen more than it’s share of missteps and more questions than answers. Let’s review shall we? Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Right after taking office, Mayor K saw the first order of business as voting himself a salary of $150,000., making him the highest paid Mayor in Orange County;

An inability to get a simple splashpad built, or even to secure acceptable bids for said splashpad; constant missteps in getting a Town Center started. After a sweetheart sale of the designated property, which saw the City LOSE over $12,000,000.00, the first shovel of dirt has yet to be turned. Which means, the City STILL does not get tax revenue on that land.

Several times over the last 4 years when employees were unable to cash their paychecks because the money wasn’t in the bank account. Of course, each time it was the bank’s fault; a pending lawsuit by several employees who were told to work overtime, during lunch periods, without pay;

On-going issue with the City’s wastewater facility and practices, resulting in, you guessed it, a lawsuit against the city;

A very nice deal with a developer, MMI, for them to build what amounted to a private off-ramp from the 414 leading right into their very nice development. The City fronts them millions to build the ramp, and low and behold, very nice contributions from these developers start showing up on Mayor K’s campaign contributors list.

In the ongoing saga of the City Manager who will not go away, former CAO Richard Anderson, involved in a hit and run accident (he hit then he ran), resulting in serious injury to the other driver, ended up suing the City of Apopka for wrongful termination. Then after Mayor Joe was involved in a complicated settlement deal that HE brought to the City Commission for approval, Joe did the only logical thing he could do: he voted AGAINST his own deal..

He dug up almost $60,000.00 from the reserves to pay for 4 scoreboards from a company in North Carolina, over a year ago. Only problem is the scoreboards have yet to be delivered, or even seen, except by a few.

Apopka begins and ends with an A – nothing more than a liberal feel-good program that has accomplished little, if any concrete, measureable results. Did I mention this program is run through a foundation, City of Life, run by a friend of the Mayor’s. Amount given thus far to the Mayor’s friend is in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Millions lost from a communications tower that is still in the box because the brain pans in the Kilsheimer administration did not secure a location before buying the tower.

Thousands of dollars in losses from City Run “festivals” like the Symphony under the Stars and the Old Florida Festival among them.

About a year ago, Mayor K and 3 of his buddies, including the friend from the aforementioned City of Life Foundation, put forth a private business plan worth $500,000.00 to a friend in the Florida State Legislature, for taxpayers to pick up the enormous tab.  Fortunately, this money grab died in committee.

And the on-going debate about the City of Apopka’s budget reserves, disappearing rapidly under Mayor K’s administration. Mayor Joe recently claimed at a City Commission meeting, that “sometimes no policy is a policy” and also, “the city does not have the luxury of having a reserve policy”.  With a little fancy arithmetic and some misdirection, Mayor K is trying to discredit Candidate Nelson’s claims about where the reserves were and were they are now. He even hired a blogger from Tampa, of very questionable reputation and ethics, to write a post filled with non-truths, attempting to debunk Nelson’s claims. However, Candidate Nelson’s information comes directly from the City’s OWN budget information, posted on the City’s website. Mayor Joe: figures DO NOT lie, but liars indeed figure.

This little walk down memory lane serves as a reminder of what happens to a City when it is irresponsibly and inexcusably mismanaged. Not to benefit all the Citizens, but a small percentage of campaign donors, developers, personal friends and a core base of joe-bot like supporters. So, which do you want, a city that will soon drown in its own debt, a city that will not be able to provide even basic city services in a few years? OR do you want a City that will be vibrant, growing and thriving because of sound fiscal policy and led by someone who gives personification to the term Public Servant. MY choice has been made: Bryan Nelson has received my vote and I pray he receives YOUR vote!


4 years in the life of Apopka FL